New Start

    Hey everyone. This is my first blog post on my new website. It's kind of odd going by a stage name, especially when you're so used to getting called by your real name all the time. I'm Alexis Bleu, though my birth name is Hannah Crouch. Rebranding is tough, I'm not gonna lie. You make a new, well, everything! From social media to merchandise, it's all brand new. My first show as Alexis Bleu will be at an open mic on January 31. I'm excited to introduce Alexis Bleu to the real world, but I also have mixed feelings about saying goodbye to Hannah Crouch in terms of the music world. I hope all of you can come out to my first show as Alexis Bleu on January 31. You can get the address and times under the 'events' tab above this section of the home page. Thank you for reading through my first of many blogs to come, and I hope you're all having a wonderful 2019.

Be Inspired,

    Alexis Bleu

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