New Music

Hey guys!

  Life with school has been crazy busy lately, but life with music has been even crazier. I finally released my debut single, Revenge! Revenge is a song about a relationship that didn't quite work out. It's about someone who didn't treat you right, and your 'revenge' on them is being done and moving on. In my perspective, getting revenge is all about showing the other party that you can overcome the hard times and prove that you are better, and stronger, than they've perceived you as. Thank you to everyone who's been streaming Revenge! It is now live on all music platforms, so keep spreading the word to your friends to listen and stay tuned for more music coming soon! Win Or Lose is next... get excited, because I definitely am! Once again, thank you all for streaming Revenge and keep it up!

Be Inspired,

    ~Alexis Bleu

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